WIWW #115

Another travel week.  C’mon….

Linking up with Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy for our weekly accountability and inspiration community known as What I Wore Wednesday.

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Khakis – Old Navy

Sweater and flats – Target

Pearls – KJL




Sweater and cami – Gap outlet

Jeans – LOFT Curvy Boot (they don’t carry this cut anymore)

Brown wedges – Payless


Necklace – Lisa Leonard – ironic that on this very day I received an email that I won a $50 gift card to Lisa Leonard from a Life in Grace giveaway post.  Woohoo!!!

(If you don’t already, I’d encourage you to follow both Edie’s and Lisa’s blogs. You won’t be disappointed.)


Friday  and Saturday

Comfies Friday (orthopedist and work from home) and workout clothes Saturday.  Finally home on a Saturday!!!



Jeans – Not Your (My?) Daughter’s Jeans from the Salvation Army – a super classy friend of mine told me I’d love these.  I love them!!!

Sweater – Walmart – $7 on sale – needed to cover my rear – Tonya told me I can’t wear those jeans without covering my rear cuz they have weird pockets

Tissue t – J Crew outlet

Sparkly shoes – Steve Madden at Sam’s Club

Scarf in my hand – Madewell – on, off, on, off, on, off – it is wool



Swimsuit all day and you are NOT seeing that.



Jeans – Madewell

Sequin top – Old Navy

Black tank – Loft

Boots – Target

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